SpeakerSonic is the ultimate evolution of the Brooklyn boutique recording studio. Here in Ridgewood/Bushwick, we lovingly handcrafted our artisanal hybrid brew of analog big board mojo, while easily diving into the bit-crushing digital divide.


At SpeakerSonic Studios you find every flavor of microphone, amplifier and drum is at your fingertips... each piece perfectly aged to add that distinct character you have been searching for. Every client is taken care of like an old friend, and each song is developed like we had composed it ourselves.


Gone is the cold and clinical approach of uncaring engineers and cynical producers. We will bring the deepest sincerity and passion to your project and lead you forth thru any obstacle to the completion of a defining piece of music. Providing your songs with a depth of meaning and truthful clarity of sound.


Commit yourself to taking your art to the next level and book a session at SpeakerSonic Studios.

Brian Speaker

Producer / Musician / Owner

Last year was a great year for Brian Speaker. The Brooklyn based record producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter had his hands full. From recording, producing and mixing albums for veteran performers like Jeffrey Lewis and Peter Stampfel, to recording, producing, mixing and mastering the breakout record, "The Suburbs Ruined My Life" with Great Wight, who were signed shortly after the release.


Brian tends to work on 20 to 30 albums and singles per year, in many different styles and genres. Most recently, Speaker has been in session with artists like Pinc Louds, Katy Rea, The Come On, Mimi Oz and Stephen Artemis (of the Falling Birds).


From direction, arrangement and songwriting to playing drums, bass, guitar or singing, Brian fills in wherever he is needed. His production work on the 2015 album Manhattan by Jeffrey Lewis and Los Bolts, was touted as, "… one of Lewis' clearest, best-recorded and arranged albums to date", by AllMusic and "One of his strongest outings ever." by Spin.


Speaker owns and operates his own recording studio, SpeakerSonic, as a way to stay close to the artists and keep the process intimate. Some of his productions have led him to Dreamland Recording Studios and the Power Station, where he worked with rising stars like Calum Ingram.


Whether you want to record a song or album at his studio, clean up or spice up your current mixes with a seasoned pro, Brian possesses the ability to find and do whatever it takes to guide your project to an outstanding finish. He can take young artists to a level they never thought possible and add freshness to any veteran artists in the industry.

Brian Forbes is a Grammy-winning producer/mixer/engineer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Co-Founder of the Independent Record Label ADIM Records and ADIM Production Studio.


Brian has worked with Grammy winning artists Fernando Otero (Nonesuch) and Bilal (Interscope), and Grammy nominee Emily King (ATO Records).


He has also worked with many artists and labels including Sonya Kitchell (Velour), Inner Party System (Island/RedBull), We Are Augustines (Caroline), The Go! Team (Columbia), Grammy Winning Producer Sam Barsh (Kendrick Lamar, Aloe Blacc, A$ap Rocky), trumpeter Terrell Stafford, violinist Nick Danielson, flutist Elena Pinderhughes,Amnesty International , Universal Music Group and many others.


Brian also generates all manners of sound with ethereal songstress and producer ÅMBE. He plays guitar and generally makes strangely compelling noises with the FutureSoul conglomerate AABARAKI.  On his days off he watches grass grow and sleeps till noon, these days are few and far between. His electronic alterego is known as ADMRL and he has an instrumental ensemble called Fast Rio.

Brian Forbes

Producer / Mixer / Multi-Instrumentalist

Brian Speaker

Brian Forbes

Tube Mics

Mojave MA-200 (U47 clone)

Pearlman DP TM-1

Rode Classic

(2) M-Audio Sputnik


Condenser Mics

Neumann U87 Ai

2 Akg C414 XLS

3 AKG C 430

(2) Matched Octava MK-012

Audio Technica 4033

Audio Technica AT-4050

Rode NT 1A


Ribbon Mics

Coles 4038

(2) Beyerdynamic M160

Shiny Box 46MX


Dynamic Mics

AKG D112

Audio-Technica ATM25

EV RE-20

3x Sennheiser MD421 II

Sennheiser 441u

2x Sennheiser e609

Shure SM7b

Shure Unidyne 55s (vintage 1956)

5x Shure SM 57

3x Shure SM 58

Shure SM 58 Beta

Shure PG 58


Trident Series 80B Console

Mac Pro tower w/ 24 Gs of Ram

Pro Tools HD 12 (2018)

Glyph Hard Drives

2 16 x 16 Avid Converters

UA Apollo

Kush Complete Plugins

Eventide complete Plugins

Softtube Complete Plugins

Slate Complete Plugins

UAD Plugins (MANY)

Massey Pluginsc

Waves Platinum Plugins


2001 Gibson SG

1960's Fender Strat

1968 Kapa Continental (Vintage Jaguar copy)

2002 Ibenez SD GR bass

Fender Jazz fretless bass

Fender SRV Strat

2006 Gibson Les Paul Classic

2001 Fender Geddy Lee Sinature Jazz Bass

1965 Fender Mustang

1970s (Lawsuit) Aria Pro Herb Ellis Model


1972 Martin D-18

1998 Taylor MCE 314

1985 Ovation Legend 12 string

1995 Takamine Classical CP-132SC

Guitar Pedals/Di's

Vintage 60's Maestro Sirko Tape Echo  S-4848

Boss Digital Delay DD-6

Boss Digital Delay DD-5

Boss Digital Delay DD-3

Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phase Shifter

Morley Chrystal Chorus

Boss Tremelo

Boss EQ-7

2 Boss tuners

Boss Super Over Drive

3 Cry Baby Wah

Boss RC-20XL Loop Station

THD Hot Plate

Morley ABY selector

Radial Pro D2 Stereo DI

2x Whirlwind IMP 2

Cloudlifter CL-Zi


Line 6 M13

Electro Harmonics Frequency Analyzer


Roland VG-88 v2


Trident Class A (32 Channels)

Avalon VT-737

Universal Audio LA-610

Chandler Limited EMI TG2 (stereo)

Vintech Audio X731 (neve clone)

Great River MP-2NV


Art TPS II (stereo)



TK Audio BC501 stereo buss compressor

(2) Urie LA -3A's (matched pair)

API 527

(3) Empirical Labs Distressors

Dbx 160x




(32) Trident 4way EQs

(2) API  550B's

Dbx 512 Stereo EQ



Lexicon MX200 (stereo)

Maestro Tape Delay

Real Reverb - Analog Spring Reverb (stereo)

Guitar Amps

Fender "Hot Rod" Deluxe

Fender Princeton (1970's)

Mesa Boogie Lonestar


Mesa Boogie .50 caliber+

1950's Boutique custom 14 watt amp

Marshall JCM 900  2x12 combo (1985)

Marshall 4x12 cab "1960 Lead"


Peavey Classic 50



Bass Amps

Ampeg B15n (vintage 1974)

Risson Pro Series Jazz amp (1976)

SWR 350 (head)

Ashdown MAG 300

Acoustic 410 cab

Monitoring & Headphones

Genelec 8050A studio monitors

Yamaha NS-10s w/ Yamaha A100a studio monitor system

Sonarworks Reference 4 System

Hearback Technology Hear Back System

Audio Technica ATH-M50

2 Sennheiser HD 203 Headphones

2 Sennheiser 280 PRO headphones

2 Yamaha MT8 headphones

Various Headphones

Samson C-cue 8 headphone amp


1968 Slingerland, Chrome Wrap

22" Kick & 13", 16" Toms

1970's Premier Kit

22" kick, 16", 13" & 12" Toms

1970's Slingerland 5 x 14" Steel Snare

Yamaha 5 x 14" Maple Snare

1970's Yamaha 5x14" Starphonic Snare

1962 Ludwig 6 lug 6. 5 x1 4" Maple Snare

Yamaha & DW Hardware

3 cymbal stands

Yamaha Pro-Model hi-hat stand

Iron Cobra Kick pedal

Pearl P-120P Kick pedal


20" Sabian Medium Ride

18" Sabian Studio Crash

SX Sabian Medium Hi-Hats


Lots n Lots of percussions!


Late 70s Yamaha U1 Upright

Rhodes 73

Yamaha Motif-8 (88 weighted keys keyboard)

Yamaha PSS-470

Roland SPD-20 Percussion Pad


SpeakerSonic offers competitive rates for projects of all sizes. Please contact us for pricing and availability.


Rates include use of all gear on the gear page. (Subject to availability)


Booking Policy

SpeakerSonic Studio requires a 50% deposit on all bookings in order to save your dates on the calendar. Cancellations made within 72 hours of the start of a session will forfeit the deposit.


A standard full day is 10 hours. Full day sessions usually run 10am to 8pm*. There is a 3 hour minimum requirement for hourly recording.  Sessions begin and end at the time they are booked regardless of whether the client is present. By the hour billing continues until final load-out is complete.


Payments and balances are due in full at the end of each session. Payments can be made by cash, check, credit card, PayPal, Venmo and Chase QuickPay.

Storage & Backup

SpeakerSonic recommends you bring your own hard drive and allow for 20 - 30 mins to back up at the end of each session. SpeakerSonic also recommends that you have at least 2 backups of your audio/media at all times. SpeakerSonic is NOT responsible for your audio or media storage.



Brian Speaker


speakersonic@gmail.com - 917.449.7170



Brian Forbes


brianforbes@gmail.com - 203.561.5689